Using Lego to explore black identity & ancestry 1000 yrs in the future


Building Beyond is a 90-minute sculptural workshop designed to help young people of all ethnicities (ages 7+) explore the unique and exciting world of Afrofuturism –a fantastical, sci-fi cultural genre that features African and  Afrodiasporic peoples at the centre of their own epic stories. Using an array of Lego elements and a pre-made facial template, participants get to build their own descendants as they imagine them to be a thousand years in the future. They are also encouraged to illustrate the names of their “Legacies” or write their origin stories to accompany their artwork. The best part: whatever they build, they keep.


• Telling Black Stories Matters: Afrofuturism allows us to connect the past to the future and vision a world free from oppression
• Narratives that are centred on Black experiences promote inclusion and positive representation 

• Engaging with identity-based artwork encourages understanding of diverse ethnic groups

• Lego play fosters keen problem solving and can be used to create meaningful art  


”I really liked how Lego was used freely and creatively. For example, we were allowed to design our Lego as a representation of us.” 

“I liked how we were able to show our personality through Lego.” 

“I learned to create a Lego face, and about Black people’s history. (My history).”

“I thought that the Lego was used in a very unique way. I enjoyed the intent behind the artwork.” 

“I learned that there are different ways to express emotion.” 

“It was really fun to attend this workshop. I learned a lot form my first experience. I think our school should have more workshops like this.” 

“I learned that you can make something beautiful even with small pieces.” 


"Ekow is dedicated, reliable, and an extremely talented artist. His creations are breathtaking and timeless but his skill as a facilitator is equally as impressive. During our workshop series he skillfully navigated through complex issues of equity and race relations that left our children educated, empowered and inspired. He has a natural way for working with children and youth that is genuine and very effective. Best of all our children loved working with him! He is by far one of the most passionate and committed artists that I have ever worked with." –Joel Reid, Program Manager; Art Starts 

"In 2015, Ekow Nimako became our first Power Youth Artist-in-Residence to be selected by our youth participants. Thanks to his accessible Lego art programs, Building Beyond and Building the Block we were able to engage over forty youth in Humber and Regent Park, many of which had never before taken part in arts programming. Not only did he relate to youth through Lego, but he provided them with valuable mentorship by grounding his workshops in Afro-futurism and issues relating to gentrification. Ekow gave our youth participants the platform to share their ideas and an opportunity to build the futures they envision for their families and communities. To our youth at Humber and Regent Park, he remains one of their most loved and memorable artists" – Elyse Rodgers, Power Youth Coordinator; The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. 

“Our five's loved your workshop last year. I could tell they wanted more when they would not get up and go to recess!”–Christine Rodrigues, Visual Arts/Media Literacy Teacher, Corsair Public School - Peel Board of Education 



$999.99 - up to 15 participants. 

$1499.99 - 15-35 participants 

$1999.99 - 35-50 participants 

$2499.99 - 50+ participants 

*This workshop is also available for long-term, seasonal programming under a modified curriculum and rate system. Please inquire about the long-term workshop with the message heading "LT Programming" using the button below.


*Organizations that support marginalized and Black-identified young people may inquire about our workshop subsidy with the message heading "Subsidy"