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    Ekow Nimako was born in Montreal and studied Fine Arts at York University. He

    began using Lego in his professional practice in 2014 and has since cultivated

    a unique approach to sculpting the iconic material. In 2015 he explored the

    theme of animal extinction with his monumental sculpture, Silent Knight,

    commissioned by the City of Toronto for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. The seven-

    and-a-half foot sculpture paid homage to one of Ontario’s most extirpated bird

    species, the barn owl, and further elevated Ekow’s ability to animate the

    inanimate. 2016’s Grey Matters, commissioned by the Baycrest Foundation for

    the citywide fundraising campaign The Brain Project, featured a monochromatic,

    larger-than-life human brain as a public statement on the importance of brain

    health. During 2017 Ekow delved into his studio practice, drawing on his fascination 

    with mythology and the austerity and metaphorical imagery of West African

    proverbs to create his latest body of work Building Black: Mythos. Ekow 

    lives and works in Toronto, Canada.




    2016 – Grey Matters, The Brain Project/Baycrest Foundation, Union Station |

    Yorkdale Shopping Centre

    2015 – Silent Knight, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art


    2017 - (Group Exhibition) CreativeTO, Artscape Young Place

    2016 - (Group Exhibition) Intergalactic Noise, Art Gallery of Mississauga

    2015 - (Solo Exhibition) Building Black, Capacity 3 Gallery

    2015 - (Group Exhibition) Black Future Month, Ontario College of Art and Design

    2014 - (Solo Exhibition) Building Black, B.A.N.D Gallery and Cultural Centre

    2014 - (Solo Exhibition) Building Black, Impresario Gallery

    2014 - (Solo Exhibition) Building Black, Daniels Spectrum


    2007 - 2010 - BFA: Studio, York University


    2016 – The Art Gallery of Mississauga - Roots and Branches

    2015 - The Power Plant Gallery - Power Youth Residency/Winter

    2015 - The Power Plant Gallery - Power Youth Residency/Fall


    2016 – Grey Matters, The Brain Project - Baycrest Foundation

    2016 – the Bergeron Centre of Engineering Excellence, Lassonde School of


    2015 - Silent Knight, City of Toronto, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
    2014 - Lady Nzinga, Canadian Film Centre, Bold, Black Risk-taker 2014